Jersey Review: 18-19 New England Revolution Primary

The New England Revolution have unveiled their primary kit for the 2018, and likely 2019 MLS seasons.

The updated home kit makes some improvements on last year’s primary, but overall this edition lacks inspiration.

One of the most important goals when designing a jersey is to (1) make it instantly recognizable, and (2) make the connection between the design and club brand. In a league full of similar red and blue color schemes, the Revolution has to convey something unique that represents their team or New England. Their last primary kit did this well by using a great balance of red, white and blue in a look that was unique across MLS.

The design doesn’t need to slap you in the face, but it should remind the viewer of what team it belongs to. See the new Red Bulls secondary kit unveiled on the same day as this one. It’s ultimately a plain red jersey, but it works for NYRB because it aligns with their #NYisRed branding, and with help from the excessive Red Bull branding, it’s easy to tell exactly who that jersey belongs to.

Design elements of the jersey that were improved include the red trim added to the inside of the neckband and end of the sleeves. This helps the jersey visually have a nice starting and stopping point.

NER 2018 home

Another thing I like is the primary sponsor logo looks much cleaner than the last version. Unfortunately, that brings more attention towards the worst crest in MLS, which takes away any visual improvements made by that decision.

My main problem with this kit has to do with the use of color in the two vertical stripes down the left side of the jersey. This jersey has three shades of blue, but none of them are really different from one another. One’s a bit lighter and one’s a bit darker. What’s the point? Unlike the Red Bulls, the Revolution did not post a visual branding guide for what these stripes represent or why these colors were chosen. I think this concept if fairly clean, but it comes across as dull and forgettable. I would have liked to see more use of the red and white used so well in last year’s primary so it would better resemble the logo and American flag.

The Revolution have also been positioning itself as New England’s (the geographical region) club, which makes it more puzzling why they didn’t play with any of the red, white, or green color in the Flag of New England, which is displayed just below the neckband on the back of the jersey.

The shorts also leave a lot to be desired. I’m generally not a fan of breaking the continuity of the jersey by using the reverse color scheme in the shorts, and choosing a plain white short here breaks whatever momentum the top created. This would be a unique look if the two bars continued into the short and socks design, but it’s hard to get excited about a plain white short. Adidas’ three stripes down the side of the short also disorient from the bars in the top. I wonder if it could be an option to choose not to have these stripes on the short. This would look better with the tops that put the stripes atop the shoulders instead of along the sides.

Shirt Design/Pattern- 3/4
Use of Color- 0.5/2
Collar-  1/1
Shorts- 0.5/2
Socks- 1/1

Total – 6/10

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