Jersey Review: 2018 D.C. United Primary

Here’s another all-black design for the 2018 MLS season. D.C. United will don a familiar-looking primary kit as they enter their first season at Audi Field.


Jersey Details |

— D.C. United (@dcunited) January 19, 2018

Though we’ve seen Columbus Crew already unveil their take on an all-black uniform, the classic look is inseparable from D.C. United. Though it doesn’t take many risks, this jersey’s nods to the D.C. community and past jerseys make it a strong entry in the MLS catalogue, even though it’s hard to tell from the photos how well they look on players.

It’s surprising how few kits feature horizontal stripes in MLS. United’s three stripes across the chest used to be a defining element of their jerseys; Now gray stripes across the entire front bring them back in successful fashion.

The layout and coloring of this kit is excellent. The linear cues all direct the eye in the same direction, left and right. Gray is also used perfectly. When done correctly, gray can give a jersey depth without overpowering the main color scheme, even when the ‘color’ is black. Every element of this kit complements the rest, leaving nothing to distract.

The designers also did well to alter the white in the logo, sponsor, Adidas badge and shoulders to metallic silver for make a more cohesive visual experience. Add a splash of red and this is a unique D.C. United creation that doesn’t abandon tradition.

I don’t think a button collar is the correct choice here because it may disrupt the stripes, but I can’t find much more to criticize. Of the new MLS jerseys I’ve seen thus far, this is the one I’d most likely purchase.

Shirt Design/Pattern- 3.3/4
Use of Color- 1.3/2
Collar-  .67/1
Shorts- 2/2
Socks- 1/1

Total- 8.27/10

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