Leicester’s Rare Opportunity

If Leicester City had earned one point through two matches to start their 2015/16 Premier League campaign, the footballing universe would have shrugged saying, “that sounds about right,” and moved on with their lives. This was, of course, before the Foxes upended the natural order of the universe and improbably finished atop the premier league table. Leicester’s slow start to their 2016/17 campaign has instead invoked an entirely different reaction, with many calling the club’s recent success a fluke and going so far as to suggest they could be the first English top-flight champion to be relegated the following season since Manchester City were sent down in 1937/38.  Continue reading

Epic North London Derby Looms Ahead

Yes, yes. Leicester City is putting together the most improbable season in world football (maybe even all of sport) history. Upsets occur, but sitting two points clear in first place after 26 games when the competition has spent as much as 10x more on their starting 11 alone, simply put, does not.

However, Leicester’s incredible run and, to an extent, Chelsea’s early season catastrophe have overshadowed one of the most exciting developments of 2016: A Spurs-Arsenal North London derby with championship implications for both teams. The closest these two rivals have come to a late-season title clash was during the 2011-12 season when 3rd place Tottenham were crushed 5-2 by 4th place Arsenal during matchweek 26. Still, neither squad posed a serious threat to tabletoppers Manchester United and Manchester City.  Continue reading